What is a Postage Stamp?

A postage stamp is a small piece of paper which is evidence to the government that you’ve paid for the mail service. You pay for the mail service, and you’re handed with a small piece of paper, kind of paper sticker, which you’ve to stick to the envelope of the letter. Now You might be thinking that what’s so special about these stamps, these are just a piece of paper. Though it’s a piece of paper, each stamp has a character on it which shows national designation.

This ranges from famous traditional figures to great cultural representations. It also has the country’s name printed adjacent to the designation. It holds valuable knowledge with regards to the nature of the mail, and it expedites it delivers till it reaches its destination.

The hardest thing is to locate from where you can buy these stamps, however there is a good guide on where one can buy stamps , you can read it.

And, this paper is not only the base of the stamp, but it has also been consolidated into the stamp’s design, which provides security against fraud and helps in the automation of the postal delivery system. It’s actually little more complicated than you might think especially if you’re a teenager because today’s young generation don’t much about it. The first time I saw a postage stamp, I was a school kid. It was my mother that was sending a letter to his brother. She purchased the stamp from the post office. She had to lick the stamp to make it stick to the seal, but now you can use these stamps like a sticker,

…….Remember, there are different types of stamps–for example, definitive, commemorative, and special–and formats such as booklets, sheets, and coils.

The definitive stamps are the most regular and popular. These stamps are less than an inch square and available in bulk. These stamps are always available unless they are sold out, or the stamp machine stops working.

Commemorative stamps work as a memorial of an event or person which gives importance to the history or an event of a country. It is printed once, in relatively small quantities (typically 50 to 100 million in the U.S.), and eliminated from the sale (if not sold out) after a specified time, usually about a year.

Special stamps are used on special occasions like holidays, Christmas and also for international rate, Priority Mail, and Express Mail and they normally on sale just for a limited time.

Stamps are not only used as a receipt of the fee, but it gives a lot of freedom to the postman, and company. You’ve to write the letter and mail it, but there is a lot more happening on the working end. They have to check the information of the receiver, and they also have to check if the mail is to be sent by boats, automobiles, trains or airplanes.

……..They’ve to check if the letter is using premium or regular stamp.

………They’ve to check what the latter actually contains to determine its importance.

So, to make things easier postage stamps use promo on them. It makes the work of postmen simple. First, of, they split the regular post stamps from the premium post stamps with the Promo. It is done to provide first class experience to that particular mail and making them reach quickly to the receiver. The example of such stamps is express mail stamp and special delivery stamp. People can also opt-in for personalized post stamps which allow them to attach their picture which gives it more sentimental value.

All these stamp types help the post-handler person to categorize them quickly which results into postage of these letters as soon as possible, so it’s a win win situation for everyone.

And, one more thing, each country has a variation in their postage stamps like their personal, national colors and design which changes throughout the time. One might not be interested knowing about it, but for stamp collector, it’s always an interesting topic to talk about. Sending letters through snail mails have been mostly obsolete, there are still a lot of different essential items to be shipped to distant locations other than letters, and for this purpose, postage stamps are still much-needed markers.

If you need a video explanation for knowing what is a stamp do watch out below given video


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