Designing a Health Promotion Program

Five reasons to have a wellness program

1   The U.S. spends more dollars on healthcare than any other nation yet we are not the world’s healthiest

o  Largely sedentary

o  Use of tobacco is still popular

o  Stress is at epidemic levels (WHO)

o  Alcohol continues to take its toll on Americans

2   Much of the illness in the United States is preventable

o  Tobacco and alcohol are leading causes of death

o  As much as 70 percent of the cost of health care is driven by avoidable illness

3   Health Care costs continue to rise

o  Healthcare premiums continue to rise and to be passed on to the employee

o  Health Care cost are usually the number one benefit cost to most companys

4   The workplace is an ideal establishing to address health and well being

o  Most American Citizens work

o  Poor health habits take a toll on American business

o  Corporations have a vested interest in health related issues.

5   Research validates that health promotion programs can improve health, save money, and even produce a Return On Investment (ROI).

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Key Components of a Wellness Program

Physical Wellness – Focuses on the development, maintenance, or betterment of one’s fitness

Sample Physical Wellness Programs / Workshops

o  Annual medical screening

o  Regular physical activity

o  Good safety habits

Emotional Wellness – Focuses on all aspects of mental fitness

Sample Emotional Health Promotion Programs / Seminars

o  Stress management workshops

o  Dealing with aging

o  Addictive behaviors

o  Parenting

Financial Wellness – Focuses on improving the quality of life of staff by assisting families and individuals in becoming financially stable

Sample Financial Health Promotion Programs / Workshops

o  Financial management

o  Savings and Investing

o  Credit and Purchasing

o  Insurance and Estate Planning

Spiritual Wellness – Focuses on promoting a healthy inner self

Sample Spiritual Health Promotion Programs / Seminars

o  Be certain to encourage daily devotional readings

o  Give regular service opportunities

o  Give a daily/weekly/monthly chapel (meditation) time during work hours

Nutritional Wellness – Will meet the needs of the personnel through group and individual nutritional services

Sample Nutritional Health Promotion Programs / Seminars

o  Individual nutritional Assessment

o  Individual and group counseling

o  Educational classes

o  Weight loss health promotion programs


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