Corporate Wellness

Start a Wellness Program for Your Employees Today

The benefits to starting a health promotion program are many.

A few employee wellness tips to get personnel started on the path to a healthier lifestyle –

1. Look around, and determine when personnel lead a healthy lifestyle before starting an employee wellness program.

o  Exactly how many employees dash outside during lunchtime for a smoke break?

o  Would a tobacco use cessation program help?

o  Precisely how often do the junk food-laden vending machines have to be replenished?

o  Is anybody exercising or taking benefit of local walking trails as part of their healthful living goals?

The answers to these questions will give businesses a better idea of the worker wellness program that’s right for them.

2. Survey employees to determine their healthful lifestyle habits.

o  Are they exercising regularly?

o  Eat three square meals a day?

Have regular physicals? Really? Then what planet are they on?

Because we’d love to visit! A health promotion program benefits most businesses because workers do not have the time or energy to stay on top of wellness concerns at work or when they leave the office to go home.

3. Give health promotion programs a big kick-off with a healthy living “fair.” Provide employees free flu shots, blood pressure (BP) checks, cholesterol screenings, body/fat ratio assessments, use of tobacco cessation programs and free mammograms- and contact the local hospital, because there’s plenty more where this came from.

Businesses keep their personnel hopping during the week. Give personnel a chance to amp up their healthy lifestyle on the company dime. A wellness program is an added benefit that personnel get for working for the company!

4. Incent to live- offer cash for workforce to lose weight, commit to a use of tobacco cessation program and normally enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

Make certain to encourage humankind’s innate competitive nature by offering prizes for wellness worker “winners.” And, encourage a healthier lifestyle by sponsoring staff who want to enter a local 5K for charity race, run a marathon or play a sport.


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